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Vlad Dubrovskis

Written by Vlad Dubrovskis who lives and works in London, UK. Helping companies build software and teams. You should follow him on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn

Caring for future developers

March 23, 2020

Developers often do not think about what it will be like to maintain the software they are creating. Things you are building today will be legacy that future developers will be talking about. What can we do to make the experience better for future developers.

Book reviews - February 2020

February 28, 2020

In February 2020 I have read 2 books, with third one just above half way through so it's not making this months cut. List includes: Team topologies and Deep Work.

Continuous improvement and feedback loops

February 25, 2020

A summary of some of the practices and feedback loops we have in Agile world and how we can try and make them work better for us. Based on my experiences.

Scrum - is it the best way to work?

February 07, 2020

In a diverse world with many teams solving different challenges Scrum is often the framework of choice but should this be the case?

Book reviews - January 2020

February 01, 2020

First attempt at summarising the books that I have read in January 2020. List includes: The Unicorn Project, The Little Book Of Coaching Models, Make Time and Ikigai.

Listening to people

January 23, 2020

Being a good listener is something that is often overlooked and yet it is quite an important topic that has been discussed for a long time.

My view on Roadmaps

January 18, 2020

A reflection on my experience with roadmaps with some ideas and different approaches.